How to Use UPI Lite for PIN-Free Payments on Google Pay, Paytm & Other UPI Apps

Over time, UPI has become the preferred app for making payments. It lets you do things like pay bills, recharge, and more. Many apps now include UPI Lite, making it easy for users to pay. This guide will show you how to use UPI Lite in apps like Google Pay, Paytm, BHIM, and PhonePe.
Here is a simplified version of the UPI Lite guide:

What is UPI Lite?

UPI Lite is a new payment feature in UPI apps that allows small, PIN-free payments up to Rs 500 per transaction. It acts like a wallet where you can load money and make quick payments.


– Better payment success rate
– Less load on banks
– Simpler passbook
– One-click payments under Rs 500

Things to Know:

– Link your bank account
– SMS needed for activation
– Transactions don’t show in bank statement
– Limit of Rs 500 per transaction
– Wallet limit of Rs 2000
– Daily limit of Rs 4000

How to Enable in Different Apps:

Google Pay:

– Tap “Activate UPI Lite” and accept terms
– Add money, select bank, enter UPI PIN


– Find UPI Lite icon and pick bank account
– Add money to wallet, confirm MPIN


– Tap “Enable UPI Lite” on home screen
– Add money, select bank, enter UPI PIN


– Select UPI Lite, click “Add Money”
– Choose bank account, enter amount
– Tap “Add Money”, enter UPI PIN

How to make payments using UPI Lite

– Scan QR code or enter details
– Enter amount
– Pay without UPI PIN

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