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Welcome to my website www.clicklink.in

About Me

My Name is Rakesh belong to India (Country ). My qualification is MBA (Management of Business Administration ) in Finance. I have 7-year work experience in accounting, business management, Administration department as well I doing digital marketing work in India.

I do my official job as an accountant but in this job, no satisfaction because every company owner can not be satisfied at any time whatever you do work hard.

So that thinks I learn digital marketing since 2010 now I working in the digital marketing field.

How to click link works

We provide a complete list of Directory Submission site List, Social Bookmarking site List, Article Submission site List, Classified site Submission List, business listing sites links find with own efforts and skills.

It helps the blogger who needs good backlinks for blogs or websites for effectiveness in the Google search engine.

Every blogger is finding how to increase the backlinks of its own site or blog in click link is given to the best method to find out create backlinks without any do extra efforts.

All links find here is means in www.clicklink.in gives the all SEO benefits links just click on and go direct website landing page which you want.

Additional Links

I give the platform where you can find useful links as below:

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Mr.Rakesh (Owner of www.Clicklink.in)