Nayanthara’s Film ‘Annapoorani’ Removed from Netflix Amidst Controversy

Nayanthara’s recent Tamil film, “Annapoorani,” has been taken down from Netflix due to controversy surrounding allegations of hurting Hindu sentiments. The movie, directed by Nilesh Krishnaa, revolves around a young woman aspiring to become a chef despite facing resistance from her orthodox Brahmin family. After its digital premiere on December 29, the film triggered outrage and a police complaint for allegedly offending Hindu sensibilities.

Hindu activist Ramesh Solanki filed an FIR against individuals associated with the film, including Nayanthara, co-star Jai, director Krishnaa, producers from Zee Studios, and Netflix India head Monika Shergill. The movie was also accused of promoting “Love Jihad” and featuring objectionable statements. Responding to the controversy, Zee Studios expressed their willingness to edit the film in collaboration with Netflix and Trident Arts and remove it from the platform. Netflix eventually removed “Annapoorani” on January 11, but the fate of the film, whether it will be released in an edited version or return to Netflix, remains uncertain.

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