Yash Urges Responsible Fan Celebrations After Tragic Accident

Kannada superstar Yash celebrated his birthday on January 8th. However, the celebrations turned tragic when three fans died while erecting a 25-foot cutout of the actor in his hometown of Suranga, Karnataka.

The accident occurred around 11 pm when the cutout came in contact with a live electric wire. Three fans died on the spot while three others were hospitalized.

Yash is deeply saddened by the incident. He visited the grieving families and urged fans not to take such risks to show their love for him.

“If you wish me wholeheartedly from wherever you are, that is the best gesture for me. Don’t hang banners, chase bikes or take dangerous selfies. Be responsible and make your families proud through your work,” he appealed.

Yash decided not to celebrate his birthday this year due to the rising COVID-19 cases. He wanted to keep it low-key with just family.

The star added he never likes showcasing his popularity through such cutouts and fan frenzy. “My intention is not to disappoint anyone. But if you respect me, be responsible first,” he said.

Yash conveyed his condolences to the bereaved families and is providing financial assistance. However, he refrained from disclosing further details as it wasn’t the right time.

The actor hopes his true fans will celebrate his work responsibly, without risking their lives.

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