What is Blog Commenting Sites and its Benefits

What is Blog Commenting Sites and its Benefits

Visitors and a website connect with communication. Every website needs SEO efforts to make it renowned and popular among visitors.

Build link is the most effective way of getting high-quality backlinks for website. The blog commenting method is the best method for making build.

It helps with website popular and also gets conversions for your products or services.

The blog commenting method gets more backlinks as well as creates interaction between website owners and visitors.

Blog commenting is made for blog sites to connected with bloggers, blog readers, and blogs. Any reaction by the reader put on the blog commenting box.

Through this method blogger and reader can communicate, where readers can directly react to the content and give some suggest tips of the blog. This is very helpful to grab the attraction of new visitors on your blog.

At this time several blog commenting sites are available but you choose always high domain authority and high page rank do follow commenting sites. It helps to increase traffic to your blog or websites. There are several benefits of blog commenting sites to grow your website or blog.

Here you see the benefits to do follow blog commenting sites.

Benefits of DoFollow Blog Commenting Sites

  • These Commenting sites help to create the brand identity of your blog or website make it popular globally.
  • Increase the traffic to your blog or websites.
  • To enhance the conversion of your business.
  • These blog commenting sites are offering a do-follow backlink to pass your website or blog links.
  • Increase your blog or website page authority rank or domain authority.
  • To build up your blog at the right audience.
  • To build good relationships with visitors and website owners.
  • Increase your follower at social media on your blog or website

These several benefits are common for blog commenting sites.

Most of the bloggers are saying that the blog commenting method is very powerful to get do-follow backlinks to your website or blog.

As you know and count the benefits of blog commenting sites, but in your mind have one question is how to use these sites for commenting.

So, through this find more conversions and reach more traffic to your website.

There are many bloggers not understand the actual producer of blog commenting, but this is a very easy method to learn. For this, I give a solution here you exact ways to use these sites for commenting on blogs.

How to Use Blog Commenting Sites

When you commenting on blog sites remember that your comment is based on the related topics otherwise it ruins your image on the websites. This is because first they comment can be approved by the website owner where you put on the comment if they see your comment has not related the post most of the chance your comment is rejected. Without publishing your comment you cant get backlinks for these sites.

How to search Niche relevant blog commenting sites?

It is not a tough task to find a niche relevant blog commenting sites. But you just use keywords searching tools to find a high-quality blog for commenting process.

Below the queries to search the blog commenting

Use your keywords to find the niche relevant blog for blog commenting.


Suppose, you need a Health blog for blog commenting, then you can use these queries (Keyword “add your comment”) to search Health-related blogs.

Before you comment on site you have to read the post first after writing the comment.

Don’t use the generic comment.

What to avoid while doing blog commenting:

Using the Keyword in Name Box

Using the keyword in the name box or section is the general mistakes will be done by all the website owner or SEO expert. Many new bloggers use the exact match anchor text, instead of the name of the owner. This does not sign of good SEO practice and this is comment is not approved by the admin. So you need to avoid this kind of mistake when a comment on blog commenting sites.

Avoid full name in the name section

I just saw many bloggers only use their first name in the comment box. The blogger is not following blog commenting rules. That case your comment cant be approved by the blog owner.

So I suggest a new blogger who gets a high-quality backlink with a blog commenting site using only the first name in the comment box name section.

Avoid Using Fake Emails Id

Many bloggers using fake Email Addresses while they do the blog commenting.It not a good sign for blog commenting. In my blog, comment section put your comment with original email but many times I found a comment with a fake email address so my self I don’t approve kind of comments. So always avoid using fake email addresses while doing comment on comment sections.

Using an email id that’s not linked to a Gravatar

You should avoid using email id that is not linked to Gravatar. It not a small mistake that way this possible comment can not be approved by the admin. Gravatar is driving the traffic using WordPress blog comment and increase your follower or subscriber lists. For this, you can set up the Gravatar if you have a WordPress.com account.

High DA Digital Marketing & social media blog commenting

Here you see the High Domain Authority (DA) Site if your comment is approved in this below website you get high-quality backlinks and increase your google search engine or Google Ranking with better page quilty (PA).

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