As of 2021, xQc's net worth was estimated to be around $4 million.

xQc gained immense popularity through live streaming on platforms like  Twitch, where he engages with a large audience through gameplay,  commentary, and interactive chats.

Beyond gaming, xQc's content spans various genres, including reaction  videos, IRL streams, and collaborations, contributing to his financial  success.

His popularity has led to lucrative partnerships and sponsorships with  companies in the gaming and entertainment industry, further boosting his  income.

xQc's presence on YouTube, where he uploads highlights, reactions, and  vlogs, contributes to his overall net worth through ad revenue and  viewer support.

Like many content creators, xQc has ventured into merchandise, selling  branded products that cater to his fanbase and generating additional  revenue.

Donations from viewers during live streams, as well as subscriptions and  tips, also contribute to his income, showcasing the strong support from  his community.

Estimated to be worth around $10 million in 2023