Top 50 Free Business Listing Sites 2020

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The old-time Phone directory plays an important role in every home. This directory listed every phone number of the town. Now time technology innovation, phone directory does not exist. As similar business listing sites to a phone directory.

These all business listing sites consist of all the business information of a specific region. In the earlier days of the internet business directory is popular to introduce new business profiles to people.

Research by HubSpot More than 50 % of Internet users are searching the local Business on their mobile, visited the store within a day.

What is Business Listing?

Business listing is a profile that can be seen by everyone. A business listing contains Short information about the business like Business Name, Products, Service, Business location/Address and Contact details, etc.

Using the advanced features of the business listing site, a firm submits the more details at a listing time like business website, working hour, number of employee and google map.

This kind of business directory found at any time and anywhere on the internet.

Why Business Listing is Need for Every Business?

This is the way that you can advertise your business in local regions. The way of advertising for local businesses was collateral, TV advertising, newspaper advertising, radio advertising, etc. These business advertisement methods load your budget and less effective. The new age of marketing for business is digital marketing.

1.Local Search Engine Optimization:-

Find the Local business is no easy task at the heavy competition from big brands in digital space. Is the best method or opportunity for local businesses and small enterprises is to get high rank in search engines for local keywords through local search engines.

For example, if you are a local business is a Barbershop then you getting ranked for a keyword like “Barber Shops near me” is better to big and renowned brands.

So, the business listing on highly reputable business listing sites is a way to showcase to Google Search how local business is.

2. Be Found

Google search engines are the best way to search for any business in the world, business listings are used to find information about the businesses. Small scale businesses cannot afford to have a website like a “barbershop” and do the SEO to a higher rank. That things are always available in free business listing sites and be found when their prospects search for them. 

How To Choose Right Business Listing Sites 

 At this time millions of business listing sites are available on the internet. It is most important to filter the right business listing sites for your business.  So, how to choose right business listings sites!

Remember a few things before to choose the right business listings sites.

1.Good Domain Authority

First, always check the business listing site domain authority, getting backlinks with high domain authority will pass on high-value link juice to your new business website. There are too many tools are available to check the domain authority of business listing sites. For this, we cover the top 50 business listings with high domain authority.

2.Non-Spammy Websites

You should always choose non-spammy websites. It means you can listing of the business site which has relevant ads shown on the landing page and user easily find the information. So, there are no uses for listing in the spammy websites.

3.Do-follow Backlinks

Business listing sites are a great and popular method of getting do-follow backlinks for your local business website. But remember one thing that always maintains the balance of do-follow backlinks and no-follow backlinks, if you want to high rank in google search.

Top Business Listing sites with Domain Authority.

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