Rainbow Six Siege Leaks Hint at Upcoming Master Chief Elite Skin for Sledge

New leaks for Rainbow Six Siege show that Sledge might get a cool new look called an Elite skin. This time, it’s a skin that makes him look like Master Chief from the Halo games series. If the leaks are true, this would be Sledge’s second special skins in the game, and it’s been almost five years since he got the first one. People are excited about this because other special skins based on games like Resident Evil and NiER were really liked by the players.

There isn’t any official news about when these new skins will come out, but it’s expected to show up not long after they release the third season of Year 8. Sledge has always been really popular in Rainbow Six Siege since the beginning. Even though he’s had changes over time, and some things about him got weaker, players still really like using him, and he’s picked a lot in serious and regular matches.

The special skins is designed to make Sledge look like Master Chief from the Halo games. The leaked video shows that it’s inspired by the new Halo Infinite game, where Master Chief uses a hook to swing around. This is a big part of his cool stuff he can do.

Just like other special skins in Rainbow Six Siege, if this one comes out, it will change the way Sledge looks in the game. It will also change the way his weapons look. He uses a big gun called the L85A2, a shotgun called the M590A1, and a small gun called the P226 MK 25. All of these might get new looks with the special skins.

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