Pokémon GO has been downloaded a total of 678 million times worldwide

Just last month, Pokémon GO celebrated its 7th anniversary, marking seven years since the game took the world by storm. It’s quite remarkable to consider how much time has passed and how many players still enjoy the game every day.

According to research conducted by Data.ai, Pokémon GO has achieved an incredible milestone of 678 million downloads worldwide since its initial launch in 2016. Notably, the United States stands out as the game’s largest region, contributing 164 million downloads on its own. Impressively, Pokémon GO ranks as the fourth most downloaded game of all time in the U.S.

On a global scale, Pokémon GO holds the 18th position among the most downloaded games across both iOS and Android platforms. Furthermore, the game has consistently maintained its position within the top 20 in terms of average monthly active users globally on iOS and Android during the first half of 2023.

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