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Blog Commenting Sites for 2020: 150 plus List

Blog Commenting Sites 2020: If you start blogging in 2020 than one thing comes to every blogger’s mind where they get the “backlink” for the website. It impossible task to make links through other methods.

Now things are really changing in 2020. The Google bots have smarter, and the blogging competition going to at the next level. But still, blog commenting is important at this time.

Blog commenting is the basic ways a blogger can interact with their readers.

Here I come with a list of 150 plus high-quality blogs for commenting across the different categories.

List of 150 Plus Blog Commenting Sites for 2020

You need to build backlinks through comments which are related to niche and meaningful to the blog.

List of High DA Blogging, Social Media Marketing, Internet Marketing blogs for Blog Commenting

1Copyblogger: DA 78
2Yoast SEO Blog: DA 79
3Backlinko: DA 63
4SmartPassiveIncome:DA 66
5JustaGirlandHerBlog: DA 59 DA 59
7Elegant Themes Blog: DA 90
8Problogger: DA 77
9AdvanceWebRanking:  DA 55 DA 51 DA 54
12Matthew Woodward: DA 52 DA 53
14MelyssaGriffin:  DA 58
15SmartBlogger: DA 58 Blog: DA 42
17BloggingBasics101: DA 50 DA 49 DA 40 DA 47
21Niche Pursuits: DA 52
22HellBound Bloggers (HBB): DA 48 DA 47 DA 40
25BloggerIdeas: DA 47
26BloggingFromParadise: DA 43 DA 46
28MasterBlogging Blog: DA 46 DA 44
30Internet Marketing Ninjas Blog: DA 59
31Authority Hacker: DA 49 DA 43
33RobbieRichards: DA 41
34Inspire to Thrive: DA 39 DA 41
36GotchSeo:  DA 40 DA 43
38Human Proof Designs: DA 42
39Philipscom: DA 37
40CloudLiving:  DA 37
41BloggingX Blog: DA 36
42Yaro Blog: DA 55

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List of High DA Technology blogs for Blog Commenting in 2020

1OnlineTechTips: DA 73
2Trak:  DA 64
3AllTechBuzz: DA 58
4TechWalls:  DA 57
5TroubleFixers:  DA 49
6CallingAllGeeks:  DA 41
7ShoutMeTech:  DA 35
8ITechCode:  DA 38
9TechLast:  DA 40

List of High DA Finance blogs for Blog Commenting in 2020

S.No. Website
1MoneySavingMom:  DA 70
2SavingAdvice:  DA 63
3ChristianPf:  DA 56
4ModestMoney:  DA 54
5ManvsDebt: DA 56
6JagoInvester:  DA 45
7OneCentAtATime:  DA 47
8FinancialHighway: DA 52
9MoneyExcel:  DA 31
10SafalNiveshak: DA 46
11BasuNivesh:  DA 39
12BeatingBroke:  DA 40
13TFLGuide:  DA 40
14SubraMoney: DA 38

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List of High DA Health & Fitness blogs for Blog Commenting

S.No. Website
1100DaysofRealFood:  DA 65
2HiveHealthMedia:  DA 51
3HealthResource4u:  DA 41
4AggiesKitchen:  DA 56
5HealthBeckon:  DA 53
6FitnessVsWeightLoss:  DA 35
7Diabetes Strong:  DA 52

List of High DA Travel blogs for Doing Blog Commenting

1BoardingArea:  DA 78
2GloabalGrasshopper:  DA 58
3DangerousBuisness:  DA 56
4ShaluSharma:  DA 41
5VelvetEscape:  DA 54
6InspiringTravellers:  DA 48
7TheShootingStar:  DA 52
8IndiTales: DA 44
9LakshmiSharat:  DA 42
10AnkiOnTheMove: DA 32
11RomancingThePlanet:  DA 35
12TravelDiaryParnashree:  DA 35
13Wanderink:  DA 28

Why need is Blog Commenting?

Blog Commenting is given lots of advantages. It helps in lots of ways.

Few Benefits of Blog Commenting

Connect with readers: Every reader is most important to a blogger. Without them, your blog is just an online page with some text.

Then one question comes in your mind “How can you make your readers happy?”

You can do just replying to their comments. This makes them feel happy.

Referral Traffic: Blog comments on the most important benefits give a lot of visitors to your blog. The best nofollow blog sites drive the huge referral Traffic to your blog when you are the beginner as a blogger.

Connect with influencers: It is important to put forward your blog to influencers in some way or the other. No, not for links. They can help you reach newer targets and to grow your blog too.

Boosts a new site: It can help you to Boost your new niche site. Though it might give you a nofollow link, it is still very useful.

Steps to keep mind before blog comments

  • Always find blogs in your niche when you do blog comments. Relevancy is quite important. Don’t ignore relevancy. We have listed blogs with their Domain Authority (DA) where you can do blog commenting for your niche.
  • Before you just create an account on Gravatar because show your avatar (profile picture) at the comments box that means get a higher chance to comment approval by the admin of blog owner.
  • You can choose a blog that has a DA (Domain Authority) more than 35 plus. There is a fast rule and no hard, but a higher DA has its own advantages. You can use the website seo checker to check the DA of the site.

Tips to avoid blog commenting for traffic & backlinks in 2020:

  • To avoid blogs that use Disqus and Facebook Comments.
  • Avoid blogs that have spam comments.
  • Use real email id while blog commenting.

Although I’ve talked about lots of blogs for commenting, you will discover them using an easy Google Search too.

I also use DropMyLink to find blogs with CommentLuv included. DropMyLink is, without doubt, one of the best blog commenting service, using which users can easily discover the right blog to comment on, be it a gov blog, edu. blog, CommentLuv plugin enabled blog and more.

After you will have found a nice blog to comment on, select a post to comment on. Ensure you learn the blog post once before doing commenting.

Some Steps to Follow While Doing Blog Commenting

  • Be certain that the comment is at the least 100 words long. The longer the comment, the better. Attempt to mention the highlights of the content, if possible.
  • It’s a good practice to ask a question within the comment. This manner helps your comment to be completely different from the crowd.

You can hyperlink to your website home or inside page whereas doing blog commenting.

What to keep away from while doing blog commenting:

  • Try to not post a generic comment. Most of the times this feedback have much less or no worth at all.
  • Don’t use your hyperlinks within the comment. Most of the time they won’t be approved.
  • Never use your keyword instead of the name.
  • Try linking your homepage in addition to your posts.
  • It is not a should put your homepage within the website box. You can always put a hyperlink to a new post or a landing page.


The list of blog commenting sites (with high DA) for 2020. You should use the above list to begin doing blog commenting. Whereas leaving a comment, be sure to are doing related and helpful comments.

Please let us know in case you’ve got any tip so as to add or any high-quality website which is missing and ought to be a part of this final list of blogs for doing blog commenting.