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List of Guest Posting Sites 2020

Guest posting sites is not a task of getting backlinks for your site or blog. Is a part of digital marketing for target new audience, grow your online audience, increase subscribers and build up relationships with influences.

Every blogger needs a Guest Posting/Guest Blogging because that kind of this gives several benefits to you if you do it right. You will understand the essentials for Guest Posting/Guest Blogging.

Why Guest Posting is Essential?

Guest Posting is essential for new bloggers because it creates a positive impact on your website SEO results. Guest Posting helps to get backlinks for your site. This process to get links from high authority sites relevant to your niche.

Search Engine provides more authority and recommends to the site. Guest Posting increases your domain authorities that means grow your organic audience and get traffic. List of Benefits of Guest Posting /Guest Blogging is below:-

  • To help increase the domain authority of your site.
  • To improve page authority also.
  • To help to get more quality backlink your site which means covert tons of traffic in your sites.
  • Find a new audience network or group for your site.

How to Get Success in Guest Posting

When you find the Guest Posting site to submitting a guest post for your site, you must know the exact how to get success in guest posting sites. Connect with editor or blogger always done like a professional manner such as using the email method to connecting with third-party bloggers for guest posting.

Below the point mentioned process to successfully submit or posting your articles.

  • Research about the niche of the website you can choose for the guest post.
  • Write a message with your clarification, when asking for a guest post.
  • Always patience during the conversation.
  • Wait for the response from the recipient.

List of Guest Posting Sites 2020

Guest Blog Site Categories DA PA Blog URL
Newsanyway Finance, Health, Technology 37 49 newsanyway.com
Insane Growth Business, Marketing 4530insanegrowth.com
Green Prophet Lifestyle, News, Technology 6756greenprophet.com
Tech Maish Business, Technology 4356techmaish.com
Stories Of World Business, Health, Lifestyle 4437storiesofworld.com
Green Host IT Marketing, Self Improvement, Web Design, 4137 greenhostit.com
Radu Balas General 2621 radubalas.com
Ethereum Kaufen Technology 2426ethereumkaufen.ch
Noupe.com Photography, Technology, Web Design 7161 noupe.com
Concept BB General 4444 conceptbb.com
Livinator Design 4351 livinator.com
Guest Blog Site Categories DAPA Blog URL
Linkofruit Marketing 22 20 linkofruit.com
Top Ten Site Reviews Marketing, Shopping, Technology 20 15 toptensitereviews.club
MyFancyHouse.com Home 43 47 myfancyhouse.com
Frippo Home 29 21 frippo.com
Couponnx Shopping 35 22 couponnx.in
Ken Karlo Business, Marketing, Technology 20 19 kenkarlo.com
Trips4US Travel 11 12 trips4us.com
Weboldal készítés Web Design 14 11 logicalmdesign.hu
Toner webáruház Shopping 20 20 recopy.hu
Front Article Business, General, Marketing 21 25 frontarticle.com
HVAC Repair Real Estate 29 38 ac.repair
visunhome.vn Real Estate 19 39 visunhome.vn
Now Future Tech Technology 26 12 nowfuturetech.com
News4masses (N4M) Media Business, News, Politics 18 23 news4masses.com
Devine African Safaris Ltd Travel 26 18 gorillasafariscompany.com
Akash Srivastava Marketing 25 18 akashseo.com
latestgadget Business, Marketing, Technology 37 38 latestgadget.co
Webku General, Lifestyle, Marketing 49 40 webku.net
Techolac – Computer Technology News Business, Marketing, Technology 54 38 techolac.com
Guest Blog Site Categories DAPABlog URL
Bub.blicio.usBusiness, Technology5129new.blicio.us
Algarve DigitalTravel3323algarvedigital.pt
CompanionLink BlogBusiness, Education, Technology5531companionlink.com
WikyeEnvironment, Lifestyle1819wikye.com
Digital PrimateMarketing, Technology, Web Design1922digitalprimate.my
simply interiorsDesign, Home, Lifestyle1120simplyinteriors.in
egootaMarketing, Technology, Travel1823egoota.com
Goals.comSelf Improvement4328goals.com
founterior.comDesign, Real Estate11founterior.com
NerdsHDMarketing, Technology, Web Design2925nerdshd.com
News KartFinance, Marketing, Technology, Business, News2723newskart.com
Lazy Travel BlogLifestyle, Travel, Family4128karolinapatryk.com
Zoggy TechBusiness, Education2323zorggemak.com
ZME ScienceEnvironment8043zmescience.com
ZME Music4533zmemusic.com
Zima MallFashion2523zakkamall.net
ZeezaFashion, Home, Fitness, Lifestyle, Food, Dating, Health2624zerxza.com
ZAAAX DesignMarketing, Web Design2722zaaax.com.au
Yum FoodsFood3432recipeyum.com.au
YSF MagazineBusiness5839yfsmagazine.com
Your ThoughtsBusiness, Politics712your-comment.com
Your Texas PoliciesEducation9346policies.utexas.edu
Your TangoSelf Improvement8250yourtango.com
Your RevenueReal Estate3228revnyou.com
Your Pet SpacePets2727yourpetspace.info
Young ProphetFaith, News2122youngdisciple.org
Young MoneyFinance6234finance.youngmoney.com
Guest Blog Site Categories DAPABlog URL
Young Health Health, Lifestyle, Food 49 34 youngandraw.com
You Know You Love Fashion Fashion 45 30 youknowyoulovefashion.com
You Bloom Music 37 26 youbloom.com
Yoganonmymous Fashion, Fitness 55 33 yoganonymous.com
YMCA Finance 50 25 imca.org
X-treme Sports Sports 25 19 extremesportslab.com
Writing Planet Business 51 39 writing-world.com
WP Palace Web Design 42 35 wparena.com
Wowlabs General, Health 16 17 wouwlabs.com
Worldwide Travel Guide Travel 26 32 worldwidetravelguide.co.uk
WorlDental Dental 44 31 worldental.org
World of Guru Business, Finance 55 31 guru.world.edu
Working Parents Family, Lifestyle, Careers 71 44 workingmother.com
Working Mommy Mommy Blogs 54 34 workitmom.com
Workforce 50 Careers 50 27 workforce50.com
Womens Blog Women, Family, Lifestyle 88 49 cafemom.com
Women On Business Business, Women 49 37 womenonbusiness.com
Women Blog Women 37 30 fwsablog.org.uk
Without Walls Lifestyle 18 14 withoutboxes.com
Wise Step Careers 62 36 wisestep.com
Wisdom Teeth Dental 13 20 wisdomteeth.org
Wisconsin Magazine Lifestyle, Outdoors, Entertainment, Sports, Food 62 36 milwaukeemag.com
Wire Business, Technology 58 44 iamwire.com
Willy’s Sweet Job Finance 94 52 wsj.com
Willis Labs Technology 51 25 alphonsolabs.com
Wilderness Medical Health 38 25 outdoorsnw.com
Wild Home Real Estate, Home 38 25 yourwildhome.com
Wilbe Social Marketing 20 17 mellbe.com
Wiggling Pen Fashion 22 24 wigglingpen.com
Wide Open Country Music 71 41 wideopencountry.com
Guest Blog Site Categories DAPABlog URL
Whole Family Strong Family 30 22 wholefamilystrong.com
Wheretostay.Tips Travel 32 21 wheretostay.tips
When The Gramophone Rings Music 42 25 whenthegramophonerings.com
Westgate Reservations Travel 41 28 westgatereservations.com
Western Mothers Mommy Blogs 22 24 metrowest-mamas.com
Western Journalism News 71 40 westernjournalism.com
West Boca News News 32 23 westbocanews.com
Weshare Blog Marketing 20 41 weshare.net
Well Being Travel, Fitness, Self Improvement 47 36 wellbeing.com.au
Weight Article Entertainment 32 34 strongarticle.com
Wedding Website Group Wedding 5 19 theweddingwebsitegroup.com
Wedding Things Wedding 32 28 weddingthingz.com
Wedding Planners Wedding 9 14 weddingplannerspune.com
Wedding News Wedding 15 27 weddingnewsday.com
Wedding Lovely Wedding 46 36 weddinglovely.com
Wedding Bee Wedding 67 41 weddingbee.com
Webpage Giveaway General 35 30 bloggiveawaydirectory.com
WEBI Technology 20 20 webimag.com
Webcarpenter Marketing, Technology, Web Design 31 21 webcarpenter.ca
Web Tips Business, Marketing, Web Design 17 27 todaytricks.com
Web Designer Pad Web Design 30 22 webdesignerpad.com
Web Designer Depot Web Design 80 51 webdesignerdepot.com
Web Design Stand Web Design 52 35 webdesignbooth.com
Web Design Ledger Web Design 84 47 webdesignledger.com
Web Design Booth Web Design 52 50 webdesignbooth.com…
Web Design Web Design 57 36 webdesign.org
Web Biz Ideas Business, Marketing 33 29 webbizideas.com
Web and Designers Web Design 44 43 webanddesigners.com
Wealthy Mommy Mommy Blogs 27 21 richmombusiness.com
Wealthy Ape Self Improvement, Business 60 38 wealthygorilla.com

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