Juwai Teer Result today 21 December 2023 Live

Juwai Teer is a popular archery game which is run by Club Juwai. People who buy Juwai Teer games tickets they can check the common number for the first round (F/R) and second round (S/R) in our common numbers page. Juwai teer is a legal game governed by rules set by the Meghalaya State Tax Act.

Juwai Teer Result today is based on how much arrow hit in the target and after shooting outcome will be disclosed at sharp 1.30 PM for first round and 2:15 PM for second round, everyday except Sunday or any official holiday. Viewers are requested to check this official site frequently to find the Juwai Teer Result at daily basis.

Currently maximum winning amount is limited to Rs 7000 only for each round.

Juwai Teer Result Today Live (21-12-2023)

Juwai Teer
FR (01:30PM)SR (02:15PM)

Last 5 Previous Results of Juwai Teer

Teer Common Numbers are those numbers that have frequently appeared in previous Juwai Teer results. These numbers are often considered by players for predictions or to assess patterns in the game.


About “Juwai Teer”

Juwai Teer is a traditional archery game that played in Meghalaya, India, where archery and numbers are combined to create a unique form of entertainment.

How to Play Juwai Teer

In Juwai Teer, skilled archers shoot arrows at a target in two rounds. The number of arrows hitting the target is then used to determine the winning numbers for the game.

Juwai Teer Game Location

The Juwai Ladrymbai Teer is a distinct teer lottery game centered around the cities of Juwai and Ladrymbai in Meghalaya. These locations provide the backdrop for this intriguing game of prediction and chance.

Juwai Teer Counter Result

There is no guaranteed counter hit number to ensure a certain result before the game in Juwai Teer. If anyone claims otherwise and charges money for it, please notify us immediately. It’s important to play using only your own hit number, as the game is purely based on luck and prediction. While predicting based on previous data may increase your chances of winning, it’s essential to recognize that success in the game ultimately depends on luck.

How can I Check Juwai Teer Results

You can check Juwai Teer results online on various platforms.

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