James Harden Strongly Criticizes 76ers Executive Daryl Morey

Something unexpected happened with James Harden in Philadelphia. He criticized Daryl Morey, who is in charge of the 76ers’ basketball operations, during an event for Adidas in China. Someone from the crowd asked Harden about the team saying they want to stop talking about trading him and want him back on the team. His answer was really honest and might shock fans.

It’s quite unusual to hear a basketball player speak so openly about not wanting to play for the team they are part of. During the time when there are no games, sources told AllClippers that Harden was very upset with the Philadelphia 76ers.

They said he was angry because he had agreed to get paid less money in the last season, but then he didn’t know what was happening in the current off-season. Many news sources have said this summer that Harden wants to leave and play for the Clippers. And it seems like his recent words show that he still feels that way.

Source- SI.COM

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