How to Get Duplicate Insurance Copy Online – Duplicate Bike Insurance

How to Get Duplicate Insurance Copy Online – All two-wheeler owners must insure their bike with the Third-Party Liability policy as mandated by the automobile Act, 1988. This ensures you’re covered financially just in case of an accident wherein the third-party is affected. Or, you’ll cash in of the great bike policy which covers Own Damage (OD) along side the third-party cover.

Your bike policy may be a legal and important document which lists the terms and conditions of the contract between you and therefore the insurance firm. just in case of a claim, the policy is one among the documents that are required to be submitted.

If a situation arises wherein you would like to boost a claim, but you realise that the physical policy document is missing or lost, all isn’t lost. you’ll obtain a replica copy of motorcycle insurance by following the below steps including both offline and online process.

Let’s check out both the normal and new-age insurance companies’ procedure for lost two-wheeler insurance papers.

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How to Get Duplicate Bike Insurance Copy?

The procedure to get a replica bike policy document isn’t difficult, especially if you’ve got purchased a two-wheeler policy from a web insurance firm. Getting a replica of your bike policy is additionally essential albeit it’s partially destroyed.

To get a replica copy of motorcycle insurance through the normal method, below are the steps to be followed.

Steps to urge Your Lost Bike policy Offline:

1) Inform Your Insurance Company:

Informing your insurance firm should be the primary step by either calling them on their toll-free number, otherwise you could write an email informing them of an equivalent. you want to let your insurer realize the loss of your policy document in order that they will begin the method of issuing a replica bike policy.

2) File a primary Information Report (FIR):

File an FIR upon realising that your bike insurance document is lost or untraceable. Once you receive a replica of the FIR, submit it to the insurance firm along side a written application.

3) Advertise in Newspapers:

Place a billboard within the state newspaper because the circulation of it covers the State during which you lost your bike insurance document. Please note that you’ll need to bear the value of the advertisement.

4) Write an Application to Your Insurance Provider:

Apart from informing your insurance firm by calling them, you would like to write down an application for the duplicate bike insurance document. Mention details like policy number, your name, sort of coverage, etc. along side the written application, submit the FIR with information about how your policy document was lost.

5) Sign an Indemnity Bond:

The last step is to sign an indemnity bond to get the duplicate bike insurance document. The indemnity bond must be acknowledged by a notary and make sure that the bond has your full name and signature of two witnesses. along side the written application and therefore the FIR, submit the indemnity bond also.

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Steps to urge Your Lost Bike policy Online:

If you’ve got purchased a two-wheeler policy through a web insurance firm, the steps to urge duplicate bike insurance is easier and easier to get. Below are the steps to urge duplicate bike insurance online:

  1. Visit your insurance provider’s online portal or website.
  2. Select the sort of policy from the list.
  3. Enter the policy details like policy number, etc.
  4. you’ll be asked to verify your profile.
  5. Upon completion of the verification, you’ll now view, print or download your bike policy online.

Also, a web insurance firm will send you a soft copy of your two-wheeler policy document to your registered email ID once you initially pip out. this will be wont to carry while your commuting on your bike or to register a claim.

Steps to use for a replacement Bike policy Online:

New-age digital insurance companies have made the normal and cumbersome process of obtaining a physical insurance document easier and fewer time-consuming. Digital insurance companies are promoting paperless transactions through which process like getting a replica bike insurance document is easier and accessible anytime.

By choosing online bike insurance, you save time and may access your policy document anytime. to use for brand spanking new bike insurance through a web insurer, you’ll either visit their website or download their mobile app. the whole process is user-friendly by including simple details like the make of your bike, model, etc.

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Upon entering these details, you’ll see the premium amount and therefore the Insured Declared Value (IDV). Also, you’ll choose either a Comprehensive policy, which incorporates both third-party and Own Damage (OD), otherwise you could choose the mandatory third-party cover. After choosing your preferred insurance cover, you’ll pay the premium online, making it a hassle-free experience.

Tips to stay in Mind:

1.While riding your bike, it’s mandatory to hold the third-party insurance document as it’s illegal if you’re found riding without an policy. Hence, if your document is lost, waste no time in getting the duplicate copy of motorcycle insurance.

2. to stay your document safe, use mobile apps like DigiLocker or mParivahan to store a digital copy of your bike policy along side other documents like registration certificate and driver’s license.

FAQs about Duplicate Bike Insurance Document:

Here are a number of the commonly asked questions on a motorcycle insurance policy:

How do I find my bike policy number?

If you’ve got bought your bike insurance online, log into your account either through the insurance company’s website or mobile app and you’ll view the policy number. However, if you’ve got purchased the policy with a standard insurance provider, you’ve got to call their customer care or visit their nearest branch to urge the small print.

What are the benefits of shopping for a motorcycle policy online?

Paper-based transactions and entering details on long forms are a thing of the past. With the arrival of smartphones, you’ll experience paperless transactions, view options online and pay the premium online also. Also, you’ll renew and download the policy document anytime. The claim procedure may be a lot more efficient compared to standard or traditional insurance companies.

I have lost my bike policy. am i able to get a replica one?

Yes, you’ll get a replica bike policy document. If you’ve got chosen a web insurance provider, log into your account where you’ll view, download and take a printout of the policy. However, if you’ve got opted through a standard insurance firm, you’ll need to visit their nearest branch to acquire an equivalent.

What documents are required to be carried while riding a two-wheeler?

While commuting on your two-wheeler, you would like to hold your driver’s license, registration certificate, policy document and therefore the Pollution in check (PUC) certificate. you furthermore may have the choice to use mobile apps like DigiLocker and mParivahan to store documents digitally.

Can I raise a claim if my bike meets with an accident during the grace period?

No, you can’t register a claim during the grace period because the policy is taken into account lapsed.

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