Guest Blogging Websites List 2020 |Health Related Niche


Guest blogging websites are these websites that accept articles from their users and publishes on their blogs. Some people do guest blogging to add their high-quality work in order that they’ll use these blog posts as a reference to their clients. search engine optimization experts use it to get backlinks for his or her web pages.

Guest posting is, without doubt, one of the best white hat search engine optimization process to rank your website within the TOP 10 results. It’s thought-about as 100% white hat if we use this technique in a proper manner. Any post you publish to a different blog should look natural and not appears like promotional content.

If in case you have no idea tips on how to publish a visitor put up in 100% natural wat, you’ll be able to hire an organization to buy guest posts for you.

List of Guest Blogging Site 2020

Here you can see the list of Guest Blogging /Posting sites 2020 with a relevant niche for health category site.

S.No.Website CategoryDAPAIndex URL
1  NewsanywayFinance, Health, Technology3749URL Link
2Stories Of WorldBusiness, Health, Lifestyle4437URL Link
3ZeezaFashion, Home, Fitness, Lifestyle, Food, Dating, Health2624URL Link
4Young HealthHealth, Lifestyle, Food4934URL Link
5WowlabsGeneral, Health1617URL Link
6  Wilderness MedicalHealth3825URL Link
7Ways 2 Go GreenHealth, Environment3629URL Link
8Walrus HealthHealth6237URL Link
9Vox NatureHealth3626URL Link
10Virginia MagFood, Education, Health, Entertainment, Home, Family, Travel5736URL Link
11Viral CreekDiet, Food, Health4229URL Link
12Urban UpFitness, Food, Health3830URL Link
13Up to Date MedicineHealth7233URL Link
14To Know BlogBusiness, Technology, Health, Travel, Lifestyle, Marketing3634URL Link
15The ScoopEntertainment, Health, Lifestyle3741URL Link
16The Quiet GroveFood, Health, Lifestyle, Family3430URL Link
17The Living BodyFitness, Health3422URL Link
18The HikerOutdoors, Environment, Health7132URL Link
19The Health MeetingsHealth, Lifestyle3224URL Link
20The Fifth ConferenceHealth2014URL Link
21Take a BreakHealth6528URL Link
22Super FoodsHealth, Food3722URL Link
23Snag HealthHealth4928URL Link
24Smoothie NewsFood, Health514URL Link
25ScoopifyEntertainment, Family, Fashion, Fitness, Food, General, Health, Legal, Lifestyle, Women3747URL Link
26Salvation HealthHealth, Lifestyle, Technology917URL Link
27Rowing Exercise BlogFitness, Health1919URL Link
28Right MedicineHealth7034URL Link
29Reflecting StrokesDiet, Health, Lifestyle1515URL Link
30Radient BeingFitness, Food, Health3324URL Link

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S.NoWebsite Category DAPAIndex URL
31  Pups ActsFinance, Health8951URL Link
32Prepared NutritionHealth5431URL Link
33Powered WellnessHealth1312URL Link
34Positive HealthHealth7137URL Link
35Planet FitnessFitness, Health3322URL Link
36Pet HealthHealth, Pets8644URL Link
37PerfumesLuxuryHealth1514URL Link
38Parents HealthHealth4934URL Link
39Our Health Our LifeFitness, Health2125URL Link
40Organ Health NewsHealth1416URL Link
41Orange Hot MamasHealth4124URL Link
42Online HealthHealth2020URL Link
43Online DuniyaAutomotive, Health, Lifestyle, Pets, Politics, Real Estate1525URL Link
44Ohio HealthHealth3522URL Link
45Nurse Loves FarmerEnvironment, Health4527URL Link
46Newry BusinessHealth, Lifestyle, Business, Technology, Fashion1011URL Link
47Neuro HealthyHealth1516URL Link
48NCPFitness, Health5034URL Link
49Nature AwakesHealth4732URL Link
50Natural PresswireHealth, Environment1816URL Link
51Natural HealthFood, Health6335URL Link
52Natural FinancesFinance, Health9357URL Link
53Nasin HealthDiet, Fitness, Health3221URL Link
54MountanizingHealth4126URL Link
55Modern OncologyHealth5236URL Link
56Mobility GuardianFitness, Health3222URL Link
57Misha AlmiraBusiness, Health, Self Improvement2116URL Link
58Mike Forest FitnessFitness, Health2419URL Link
59Red AgencyFood, Health3723URL Link
60Living On EarthLifestyle, Food, Health6934URL Link

Additional Post – 500 + Guest Blogging Sites List

S.NoWebsiteCategoryDAPAIndex URL
61Liver CareDental, Health1421URL Link
62Live Love FruitFood, Health5734URL Link
62Live For LiftingFitness, Health3427URL Link
64KoolLifestyle, Fitness, Food, Health, Fashion5538URL Link
65Kevin DRHealth, Technology6848URL Link
66JrcccHealth5329URL Link
67IRPHealth7347URL Link
68Industry News CorpHome, Technology, Business, Health1922URL Link
69Important WomenFashion, Health, Women2025URL Link
70Houston FitnessLifestyle, Fitness, Health1624URL Link
71Hormones MatterHealth5033URL Link
72Home RemediesHealth2719URL Link
73Home Grown and HealthyHealth4928URL Link
74Hive Health MediaHealth, Fitness5045URL Link
75HIT HelpTechnology, Health6033URL Link
76Herb HealthHealth1419URL Link
77Healthy USelf Improvement, Health5933URL Link
78Healthy TableFitness, Health4540URL Link
79Healthy NaturalHealth2826URL Link
80Healthy MomsHealth, Lifestyle, Mommy Blogs3331URL Link
81Healthy LivingHealth1721URL Link
82Healthy HungerDiet, Fitness, Health1823URL Link
83Healthy DebateHealth5431URL Link
84Healthy Body LifeWomen, Fitness, Health, Lifestyle2525URL Link
85HealthpallyDental, Diet, Food, Health2124URL Link
86Health Tech InfoHealth, Technology6230URL Link
87Health SystemsHealth, Technology4227URL Link
88Health Resource 4 UFitness, Health4042URL Link
89Guidelines HealthDiet, Fitness, Health3438URL Link
90Mia HealthaHealth, Fitness2026URL Link

Other Category Guest Posting Sites List – Technology

S.NoWebsiteCategoryDAPAIndex URL
91Health NexusHealth2423URL Link
92Health MagHealth6131URL Link
93Health HistoryHealth2012URL Link
94Health GuysHealth3228URL Link
95Health FormHealth, Fitness, Food3323URL Link
96Health DiaryHealth4525URL Link
97Health ClubFood, Health, Fitness2423URL Link
98Health Care BroHealth4127URL Link
99Health BizBusiness, Health3429URL Link
100Head Heart HealthHealth3828URL Link
101GreatistHealth8541URL Link
102Gluten ProHealth3124URL Link
103Get Set HappyCareers, Health, Travel2522URL Link
104Get A Good IdeaFitness, Technology, Health, Lifestyle, Business, News2522URL Link
105Georgia HealthHealth6638URL Link
106GemsHealth6130URL Link
107FuzzidayHealth, Home, Lifestyle1626URL Link
108Friend AestraHealth2921URL Link
109Foreign HealthHealth6134URL Link
110Fix your HealthHealth2318URL Link
111Find Health TipsDiet, Fitness, Health3832URL Link
112everything-inspiring.comHealth932URL Link
113Editing ManagerHealth5539URL Link
114Eat LiveFood, Health3225URL Link
115Dubin HealthHealth3024URL Link
116Double Up HealthAutomotive, Health7939URL Link
117Dizzy MomFitness, Health, Family1627URL Link
118DIY DietsHealth2323URL Link
119Diabetics LifeHealth, Lifestyle4722URL Link
120Climax HelathHealth2521URL Link
121Clear HealthyDiet, Fitness, Health2521URL Link
122CIA MedicalHealth3926URL Link
123Child HealthHealth3125URL Link
124CCC NetHealth6640URL Link
125Cancer CareHealth3021URL Link
126Byte LivingLifestyle, Technology, General, Travel, Health1522URL Link
127BroccasHealth, Home, Lifestyle2735URL Link
128Breast Enlargement ResourceHealth, Mommy Blogs, Women3120URL Link
129Breakaway HealthLifestyle, Business, Technology, Finance, Health1615URL Link
130Brain BlogHealth6042URL Link
131Beauty KeysWomen, Fashion, Health3135URL Link
132Bahamas HealthHealth4021URL Link
133AthleticultDiet, Fitness, Health, Sports2129URL Link
134Angel HealthHealth9552URL Link
135Alternative HealthHealth, Fitness7039URL Link
136Alrag HealthHealth4627URL Link
137Alive and BeautifulHealth, Fashion, Fitness3729URL Link
13850 HealthHealth4527URL Link
139Cow Brains HealthHealth2218URL Link
140Health NutHealth6033URL Link

Listing of Search Queries to Discover Guest Blogging Websites.

  • guest post”
  • “startup funding”
  • “write for us”
  • “guest article”
  • “this is a guest post by”
  • “contributing writer”
  • “need to write for”
  • “submit blog post”
  • “contribute to our website”
  • “submit content”
  • “submit your content”
  • “guest posts wanted”
  • “guest blogger”
  • become a guest blogger”
  • “submit news”
  • “submit post”

Why Guest Blogging is Important?

Guest blogging is important as a result of it actually can create a great positive impression in your Website’s search engine optimization results. Guest posting can enable you to get extra valuable do-follow backlinks to your website. It’s the one really useful process to get hyperlinks from other authority websites related to your niche.

Search engines all the time give more authority and recognition to the site, who gets backlinks through guest posting technique. Should think about guest posting technique in your search engine optimization plan because,

  1. It widens your brand awareness throughout by way of various authority websites
  2. Act as a ripple impact, and enhance search engine optimization rating very quickly
  3. Your services and products change into popular on the internet
  4. It helps to get more worth in the direction of your brand with authority

Easy methods to Get Success in Guest Posting

Once you decide to submit a guest post for your website, then you definitely should undertake the method that can enable you to get achieve your approach. Communication with the blogger or editor must be carried out in a knowledgeable manner. Attempt to use the medium of email to attach with third-party bloggers for guest posting. Your message must be concise and to the purpose. It’s better to make use of the “You” approach whereas asking for the blog post approvals. Must follow out on the below-mentioned process to efficiently post your articles.

  • Analyze the niche of the website you select for the guest post
  • Write a transparent message, when asking for a guest post
  • Look ahead to the response from the recipient
  • Hold your persistence through the conversation
  • Earlier than approval fix the amount it’s a must to paid (Only in case of paid guest posts)

Offer Unique and High-quality Content

Your guest post will only get revealed whether it is unique and you fulfill all the necessities which are asked by the editor of the website on which you’ll publish your post. Attempt to write an evergreen topic to your guest post. It can provide you the backlinks for a longer time period. It’s better to write content with more than 500 phrases or words, and in addition, attempt to include subheadings in your written work. Listed below are the necessary suggestions that you must have to keep in mind whereas writing guest posts.

  • Use tools like grammar checker for high-quality writing
  • Write on the subject that’s related to your niche
  • Elaborate your topic as a lot as you can
  • Make it to more than 500 Phrases or words
  • Correctly include Do follow hyperlinks
  • If needed include your Bio