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Are you interest in gaining the knowledge of Full form computer then you come right place? Here you can find the FULL Forms List. This list contains general categories that are higher searching in Google. To get the knowledge Full form NASA just click on the links provide the Full Forms: The Complete List 2020 |General Full Form

Full Forms List 2020

S.No.AcronymSearching KeywordsFull Form
1 CLASSfull form of classComputer Literacy and Studies in Schools
2 IOCfull form of iocInternational Olympic Committee 
3 KBfull form of kbKilo Byte
4 OOTDfull form of ootdOutfit Of The Day
5 STUDENTfull form of studentS stands for Study, T stands for Truthfulness, U for Unity, D for Discipline, E for Energy and T for Treasure
6AAO aao full formAssistant Audit Officer
7ABB abb full formASEA Brown Boveri
8AC KA ac ka full formAir Condition
9ACC acc full formAssociated Cement Companies
10ACE ace full formAngiotensin-converting enzyme
11ACF acf full formAssistant Conservator of Forests (Indian Forest Service)
12ADCA adca full formAdvance Diploma in Computer Applications 
13AEO aeo full formAssistant Educational Officer 
14AFK afk full formabbreviation for away
15AIA aia full formAmerican Insurance Association 
16AICTE aicte full formThe All India Council for Technical Education
17AIIB aiib full formAsian Infrastructure Investment Bank
18AIMS aims full formAll India Institute of Medical Sciences
19AKA aka full formAlso Known As
20AM AND PMfull form of am and pm Anti Meridiem and Post Meridiem
21AMU amu full formatomic mass unit
22APEDA apeda full formAgricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority 
23APIIC apiic full formAndhra Pradesh Industrial Infrastructure Corporation
24ARTO arto full formAssociation of Resuscitation Training Officers
25ASAP asap full formAs Soon As Possible
26ASBA asba full formApplications Supported by Blocked Amount
27ASL asl full formage, sex, location
28ASMR asmr full formautonomous sensory meridian response
29ASN asn full formadvance ship notice
30ASTM astm full formAmerican Society for Testing and Materials
31AT at full formAcceptance test
32AT&T at&t full formAmerican Telephone & Telegraph Company
34ATF atf full formAviation Turbine Fuel
35ATKT atkt full formAllowed to keep terms
36AU au full formastronomical unit
37AU BANK au bank full formAU SMALL FINANCE BANK
38AWOL awol full formabbreviation for absent without leave
39AWW aww full formAnganwadi Worker
40B2B b2b full formBusiness to business
41BA KA ba ka full formBachelor Of Arts
42BAD bad full formBipolar Affective Disorder
43BAE bae full formbefore anyone else
44BASF basf full formBadische Anilin und Soda Fabrik
45BBS bbs full formBachelor of Business Studies
46BEC bec full formBose-Einstein condensate 
47BEML beml full formBharat Earth Movers Limited
48BEST best full formBrihanmumbai Electricity Supply and Transport
49BFbf ka full formBalance Forward
50BF bf full formBoy Friend
51BFSI bfsi full formThe Banking, Financial services, and Insurance 
52BHEL bhel full formBharat Heavy Electricals Limited 
53BHP bhp full formBrake Horse Power
54BIMSTEC bimstec full formBay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation
55BO bo full formBusiness Objects
56BPCL bpcl full formBharat Petroleum Corporation Limited
57BPL bpl full formBelow Poverty Line
58BRB brb full formBe Right Back
59BRICS brics full formBrazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa
60BSCbsc full formBachelor of Science
61BSDK bsdk full formBHOSDIKE
62BTU btu full formThe British thermal unit
63BTW btw full formby the way
64BUMS bums full formBachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery
65CABE cabe full formcentral advisory board of education
66CAL cal full formComputer Aided Learning
67CBG cbg full formCapillary Blood Glucose
68CC cc full formCubic Capacity/ Cubic Centimeter
69CCB ccb full formcapital conservation buffer
70CCEA ccea full formCabinet Committee on Economic Affairs
71CCF ccf full formcongestive cardiac failure
72CCH cch full formCentral Council of Homeopathy
73CCI cci full formCompetition Commission of India
74CCP ccp full formcritical control point
75CDF cdf full formcumulative distribution function 
76CDSL cdsl full formCentral DepositoryServices (India) Ltd 
77CEOceo full form in hindiChief Executive Officer 
78CFA cfa full formChartered Financial Analyst
79CFM cfm full formcubic feet per minute
80CFMS cfms full formComprehensive Financial Management System 
81CFS cfs full formcontainer freight station
82CGI COMPANY cgi company full formConseillers en Gestion et Informatique
83CGS cgs full formcentimetre–gram–second
84CHS chs full formCommon Hardware/Software
85CI ci full formCircle Inspector
86CIP cip full formCarriage and Insurance Paid
87CIT cit full formCorporate Income Tax
88CITU citu full formCentre of Indian Trade Unions
89CM KA cm ka full formChief Minister; CM – Common Market; CM – Capital Market; CM – Chief Minister; CM – Centimeter; CM – Curium; CM – Cybermonsters Most
90CMC cmc full formComputer Maintenance Corporation
91CMP cmp full formCorps of Military Police
92CMR cmr full formCommon Mode Rejection Academic & Science
93CNBC cnbc full formConsumer News and Business Channel
94CO co full formcircle officer
95COB cob full formClose of Business
96COC coc full formcertificate of conformity
97COMPUTERcomputer full nameCommon Operating Machine Purposely Used for Technological and Educational Research
98COP cop full formConference of the Parties
99CPE cpe full formCustomer premises equipment
100CPG cpg full formConsumer packaged goods
S.No Acronym Searching Keywords Full Form
101CPI cpi full formCommunist Party of India
102CPO cpo full formCentral Police Organization
103CPSE cpse full formCentral Public Sector Enterprises
104CPU KI cpu ki full formCentral Processing Unit
105CRAR crar full formcapital to risk weighted assets ratio
106CREDAI credai full formConfederation of Real Estate Developers’ Associations of India
107CRILC crilc full formentral Repository of Information on Large Credits
108CRISIL crisil full formCredit Rating Information Services of India Limited
109CRR crr full formCash Reserve Ratio
110CSO cso full formCentral Statistics Office
111CSV csv full formcomma-separated values
112CTM ctm full formCalico Textile Mill
113CTS COMPANY cts company full formCognizant Technology Solutions
114CUG cug full formClosed User group
115CV cv full formCurriculum Vitae
116DB db full formDecibel 
117DCA dca full formDiploma in Computer Application
118DCB dcb full formDevelopment Credit Bank
119dcb bank full formDevelopment Credit Bank
120DCS dcs full formdistributed control system
121DDP ddp full formDelivered Duty Paid
122DFT dft full formDry film thickness
123DHFL dhfl full formDewan Housing Finance Corporation Ltd
124DHL dhl full formDalsey Hillblom Lynn
125DIY diy full formDo it yourself
126DLF dlf full formDelhi Land and Finance
127DLP dlp full formDigital Light Processing
128DMdm full form in hindiDistrict Magistrate
129DM  IN INSTAGRAMdm full form in instagramDirect message
130DMK dmk full formDravida Munnetra Kazhagam
131DNA  IN HINDIdna full form in hindiDioxyribo Nucleic Acid
132DNA KA dna ka full formDioxyribo Nucleic Acid
133DO do full formDemi-official
134DOB dob full formDate Of Birth
135DPEP dpep full formDistrict Primary Education Programme
136DRDO drdo full formDefence Research and Development Organization
137DRI dri full formDirectorate of Revenue Intelligence
138DRO dro full formDigital Read Out
139DS ds full formDefine Storage
140DTC dtc full formDelhi Transport Corporation
141DW dw full formDon’t Worry
142EA ea full formExecutive Assistant
143EARTHfull form of earthEnvironmental Applied Research Technology House
144ECA eca full formEducational Credential Assessment 
145ECC ecc full formExcise Control Code
146ECE ece full formElectronics and Communication Engineering
147ECGC ecgc full formFormerly Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India Ltd
148EEE eee full formElectrical and Electronics Engineering
149EGM egm full formexport general manifest
150EM em full formEducation Minister
151EMC emc full formElectromagnetic Compatibility
152EME eme full formElectronics and Mechanical Engineers
153EOD eod full formEnd Of Day
154EOU eou full formExport Oriented Units
155EPZ epz full formexport processing zone
156ERO ero full formElectoral Registration officer
157ESAF esaf full formEvangelical Social Action Forum
158ET et full formEducational Technologies
159ETA eta full formEstimated Time of Arrival
160ETD etd full formestimated time of departure
161EU eu full formEuropean Union
162EX ex full formAs a prefix, ex- can refer to a variety of different relationships
163FATF fatf full formFinancial Action Task Force
164FDC fdc full formFixed Dose Combination
165FFS ffs full formfor fuck’s sake
166FICCI ficci full formThe Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry
167FILA fila full formFinally, I lost Adidas
168FIPB fipb full formThe Foreign Investment Promotion Board
169FLAMES flames full formFriends, Lovers, Affectionate, Marriage, Enemies
170FMC fmc full formFood Machinery Corporation
171FOMO fomo full formFear of Missing Out
172FOR for full formFreight on Road
173FPI fpi full formForeign Portfolio Investment
174FRC frc full formfinancial reporting center
175FT ft full formFeat
176FTC ftc full formFederal Trade Commission 
177FTW ftw full formfor the win
178FY fy full formfinancial year or fiscal year 
179FYA fya full formFor Your Action
180FYI fyi full formFor your information
181GAIL gail full formGas Authority of India Limited
182GDP gdp full formGross Domestic Product
183GDPgdp full form in economicsGross Domestic Product
184GDR gdr full formglobal depository receipt
185GDS gds full formGramin Dak Sevak
186GE ge full formGeneral Electric Company
187GI TAG gi tag full formgeographical indication
188GIDC gidc full formGujarat Industrial Development Corporation
189GIGO gigo full formGarbage In, Garbage Out
190GKgk ka full formGeneral Knowledge
191GMP gmp full formGood manufacturing practice
192GMR gmr full formGrandhi Mallikarjuna Rao
193GMT gmt full formGreenwich Mean Time
194GNP gnp full formGross national product
195GSI gsi full formGeological Survey of India
196GTG gtg full formGot To Go
197GVA gva full formgross value added
198GVK gvk full formGunupati Venkata Krishna
199H2O h2o full formH = Hydrogen, O = Oxygen and2 Elements
200HCF hcf full formhighest common factor
S.No Acronym Searching Keywords Full Form
201HCL hcl full formHindustan Computers Limited
202HLW hlw full formHigh-Level Waste
203HM hm full formHer or His Majesty
204HMM hmm full formHidden Markov Model Academic
205HMUfull form of hmuHit Me Up
206HMV hmv full formHeavy or Low Motor Vehicle
207HNI hni full formhigh networth individual
208HPL hpl full formHuman placental lactogen
209HR hr full formHuman Resources
210HRX hrx full formHypothetical Reference Connection
211HTTPhttp ka full formHypertext Transfer Protocol
212HTTPS https full formHypertext Transfer Protocol Secure
213IATA iata full formInternational Air Transport Association
214IBBI ibbi full formInsolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India 
215IBC ibc full formInsolvency and Bankruptcy Code
216ICYMI icymi full formin case you missed it
217IDC idc full formI Don’t Care
218IDFC BANK idfc bank full forminfrastructure Development Finance Company
219IDK idk full formI don’t know
220IFAD ifad full formInternational Fund for Agricultural Development
221IFB ifb full formIndian Fine Blanks
222IFC ifc full formThe International Finance Corporation
223IFCI ifci full formIndustrial Finance Corporation of India 
224IFFCO iffco full formIndian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited
225IGMS igms full formIntegrated Grievance Management System
226IIFL iifl full formIndia Infoline Finance Limited
227IIP iip full formIndex of Industrial Production
228IKR ikr full formI know, right.
229ILFS ilfs full formInfrastructure Leasing & Financial Services
230ILY ily full formI love you
231IMD imd full formIndia Meteorological Department
232IMF imf full formInternational Monetary Fund
233IMHO imho full formin my humble opinion
234IMY imy full formI Miss You
235INA ina full formIndian National Airways
236IOC ioc full formInternational Olympic Committee
237IOCL iocl full formIndian Oil Corporation Limited
238IP  IN COMPUTERip full form in computerInternet Protocol address
239IP ADDRESS ip address full formInternet Protocol address
240IPE ipe full formIndustrial Plant Equipment.
241IPH iph full formIrrigation & Public Health Department
242IPS ips full formIndian Police Service
243IRB irb full formIndian Reserve Battalions
244IRDA irda full formInsurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India
245IRDP irdp full formIntegrated Rural Development Programme
246ISCisc ka full formndian School Certificate
247ISSN issn full formInternational Standard Serial Number 
248IT it full formInformation Technology
249IT it ka full formInformation Technology
250ITCitc full form in gstInput Tax Credit 
251ITDC itdc full formIndia Tourism Development Corporation
252ITI iti full form in hindiIndustrial Training Institute
253ITS its full formInformation Technology Services
254IUC iuc full formInterconnect Usage Charge
255IUPAC iupac full formInternational Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry
256JCI jci full formJoint Commission International
257JSW jsw full formJindal South West
258KA ka full formKetoacidosis
259KB kb full formKilo Byte
260KGFkgf full form movieKolar Gold Fields
261KPA kpa full formkilopascal
262KPIT kpit full formKishor Patil Technologies Limited
263KT kt full formkeep terms
264KVA kva full formkilo-volt-ampere
265L&T l&t full formLarsen and Toubro Ltd
266LA la full formLos Angeles
267LAF laf full formLiquidity adjustment facility
268LBS lbs full formLibra Balance Scales
269LCL lcl full formLess Container Load
270LCM lcm full formLowest Common Multiple
271LD ld full formLearning disabilities/differences
272LDK ldk full formLenadoon Dog Killers
273LEL lel full formLower Explosive Limit
274LIC lic full formLife Insurance Corporation
275LITfull form of litIntoxicated, stoned
276LKG lkg full formLower Kindergarten
277LMAO lmao full formLaughing My Ass Off
278LMFAO lmfao full formLaughing My Fucking Ass Off
279LNT lnt full formLarsen & Toubro Limited
280LOA loa full formLetter of Authorization
281LOR lor full formLetter of Recommendation
282LSI lsi full formLarge-scale integration
283MATHmath ka full formM – Miracle of nature. A – Art of arithmetic. T – Tool of knowledge. H – Habit of problem solving. S – Science of learning
284MB mb full formmegabyte 
285MBPS mbps full formMegabits per Second
286MC mc full formMenstrual Cycle
287MCG mcg full formmicrograms
288MCI mci full formMedical Council of India
289MCR mcr full formMaster Change Record
290MCX mcx full formMulti Commodity Exchange
291MFD mfd full formMulti- Function Device
292MFN mfn full formMost Favoured Nation
293MIA mia full formmissing in action
294MIME mime full formMultipurpose Internet Mail Extensions 
295MIS mis full formmanagement information system
296MKB mkb full formMother Knows Best
297MKS mks full formmeter,kilogram,second
298ML ml full formMilliliter 
299MM mm full formmillimetre 
300MMRDA mmrda full formMumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority
S.No Acronym Searching Keywords Full Form
301MMTC mmtc full formMetals and Minerals Trading Corporation
302MPP mpp full formMarginal physical product
303MRmr ka full formMedical Representative
304MRF mrf full formMadras Rubber Factory
305MRO mro full formMaintenance, Repair and Overhaul
306MRP mrp full formMaximum retail price
307MSDS msds full formMaterial Safety Data Sheet 
308MSEB mseb full formMaharashtra State Electricity Board 
309MSF msf full formMarginal Standing Facility
310MSL msl full formMean Sea Level
311MSME msme full formMinistry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
312MSN msn full formMicrosoft Network
313MSTC mstc full formMetal Scrap Trade Corporation Limited
314MT mt full formmountain
315MTA mta full formMale Threaded Adapter
316MTD mtd full formMonth-to-date
317MTNL mtnl full formMahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited
318MTR mtr full formMavalli Tiffin Room
319NABARD nabard full formNational Bank For Agriculture & Rural Development
320NAFTA nafta full formNorth American Free Trade Agreement
321NASDAQ nasdaq full formNational Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations
322NASSCOM nasscom full formNational Association of Software and Services Companies
323NB nb full formNota Bene
324NBCC nbcc full formNational Buildings Construction Corporation Ltd
325NBD nbd full formNext Business Day
326NCDC ncdc full formNational Cooperative Development Corporation
327NCDEX ncdex full formNational Commodity & Derivatives Exchange Limited
328NCFM ncfm full formNSE Academy Certification in Financial Markets
329NCLT nclt full formNational Company Law Tribunal
330NDA GOVERNMENT nda government full formNational Democratic Alliance
331NDC ndc full formNational Development Council
332NDP ndp full formNet domestic product
333NFO nfo full formnew fund offered
334NFS nfs full formNetwork File System
335NGK ngk full formNandha Gopalan Kumaran
336NGL ngl full formNot Gonna Lie
337NHAI nhai full formNational Highways Authority of India
338NHB nhb full formNational Housing Bank
339NHPC nhpc full formNational Hydroelectric Power Corporation
340NIT nit full formnit full form
341NLC nlc full formNeyveli Lignite Corporation
342NM nm full formNever Mind
343NMDC nmdc full formNational Mineral Development Corporation
344NNP nnp full formNet national product
345NOC noc full formNo Objection Certificate
346NOS nos full formNitrous Oxide Systems
347NPCIL npcil full formNuclear Power Corporation of India Limited
348NPCL npcl full formNational Payment Corporation
349NPL npl full formNon-Performing Loan
350NRB nrb full formNational Reconstruction Bureau
351NSE nse full formNational Stock Exchange
352NSIC nsic full formNational Small Industries Corporation
353NSO nso full formNational Statistics Office
354NSP nsp full formNational Scholarship Portal
355NSSO nsso full formNational Sample Survey Office
356NVM nvm full formnever mind
357OD od full formOverdraft
358OFC ofc full formOptical Fiber Cable
359OG og full formOriginal Gangster
360OK ok full formOll Korrect ,Obejection Killed
361OMC omc full formOil marketing companies
362OOTN ootn full formOutfit Of The Night 
363OP op full formoriginal poster
364OTCEI otcei full formOver-the-Counter Exchange of India
365OYOfull form of oyoOn Your Own
366OYO oyo full formOn Your Own
367PACL pacl full formSecurities and Exchange Board of India
368PCpc ka full formPersonal Computer
369PFC pfc full formPower Factor Correction
370PFMSpfms full form in hindiपब्लिक फाइनेंशियल मैनेजमेंट सिस्टम
371PFRDA pfrda full formPension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority
372PGDCA pgdca full formPost Graduate Diploma in Computer Application
374PH ph full formPotential of Hydrogen
375PHph ka full formPotential of Hydrogen
376PH SCALE ph scale full formPotential of Hydrogen
377PHH phh full formPriority Households
378PI pi full formPolice Inspector
379PMC BANK pmc bank full formPunjab and Maharashtra Cooperative Bank
380PMI pmi full formPurchasing Managers’ Index
381PNC pnc full formPittsburgh National Corporation
382POC poc full formproof of concept
383PPC ppc full formpay-per-click
384PPM ppm full formparts per million
385PROS AND CONS pros and cons full formfor and against
386PSE pse full formPersonal And Social Education Community
387PSF psf full formProcessing and Storage Facility
388PSIpsi long formPound per Square Inch
389PSI psi full formPound per Square Inch
390PSM psm full formPreventative and Social Medicine
391PSTN pstn full formpublic switched telephone network
392PSU psu full formPublic Sector Undertakings
393PT pt full formPhysical Training
394PTA pta full formparent-teacher association
395PUMA puma full formProgrammable Universal Machine For Assembly
396PWBD pwbd full formPerson with Benchmark Disability
397PWC pwc full formPrice Waterhouse Coopers
398QIP qip full formQualified institutional placement
399R&D r&d full formResearch and development 
400RA ra full formresident assistant
401RCA rca full formroot cause analysis
402RCEP rcep full formRegional Comprehensive Economic Partnership
403RCP rcp full formremote copy
404RDP rdp full formRemote Desktop Protocol
405RDX rdx full formResearch Department Explosive
406RE re full formreligious education
407REPO repo full formRepository 
408RFID rfid full formradio frequency identification
409RFQ rfq full formrequest for quotation
410RIICO riico full formRajasthan State Industrial Development and Investment Corporation
411RITES rites full formRail India Technical and Economic Service
412RJD rjd full formRashtriya Janata Dal
413RMS rms full formRoyal Mail Ship
414ROC roc full formRegistrar of Companies
415ROFL rofl full formLaughing My Ass Off
416RPM rpm full formRevolutions per minute
417RPSC rpsc full formRajasthan Public Service Commission
418RRB rrb full formRailway Recruitment Board
419RRB KA rrb ka full formRailway Recruitment Board
420RRR rrr full formRaama Roudra Rushitam
421RSC rsc full formReservation against Cancellation
422RSI rsi full formrelative strength index
423RT rt full formReset Type
424RTN rtn full formrouting transit number
425SAIL sail full formSteel Authority of India Ltd
426SAP COURSE sap course full formSystems Applications and Products in Data Processing
427SAP SOFTWARE sap software full formstands for Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing
428SAPTA sapta full formstands for South Asian Preferential Trade Arrangement
429SARFAESI sarfaesi full formSecuritisation and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Securities Interest Act
430SB sb full formSaving Bank
431SDA sda full formSecond Division Assistant
432SDE sde full formSoftware Development Engineer
433SDF sdf full formstatutory declaration form
434SDMsdm ka full formSub Divisional Magistrate
435SDO sdo full formSub Divisional Officer
436SDR sdr full formSpecial drawing rights
437SEBI sebi full formSecurities and Exchange Board of India
438SENSEX sensex full formStock Exchange Sensitive Index
439SFC sfc full formState Financial Corporation
440SI si full formSysteme international
441SIsi ka full formSub-Inspector 
442SIC sic full formsic erat scriptum
443SIDBI sidbi full formSmall Industries Development Bank of India
444SITE site full formSatellite Instructional Television Experiment 
445SJVN sjvn full formSatluj Jal Vidyut Nigam Limited
446SKU sku full formstock keeping unit
447SO so full formStation Officer
448SOA soa full formService-oriented architecture
449SOL sol full formSpace-Occupying Lesion
450SORRY sorry full formSome One Is Really Remembering You
451SOS sos full formSave Our Souls
452SPD spd full formSurge Protection Device
453SPM spm full formSuspended Particulate Matter
454SPS sps full formSpecial purpose synthetic
455SRF srf full formSenior research fellowship
456SSC CPO ssc cpo full formStaff Selection Commission Central Police Organization
457STC stc full formState Trading Corporation
458STFU stfu full formshut the fuck up
459STH sth full formSomething
460STO sto full formStock transport order
461SWG swg full formBritish Standard Wire Gauge
462TASMAC tasmac full formTamil Nadu State Marketing Corporation
463TATA tata full formJamsetji Nusserwanji Tata
464TBC tbc full formTo Be Confirmed
465TBD tbd full formto be discussed
466TBHfull form of tbh in instagramto be honest
467TCtc full form in railwayTicket Collector
468TC tc ka full formTransfer Certificate
469TCL tcl full formTool Command Language
470TCS tcs full formTax Collected at Source
471TD td full formtemporary Document
472TDP tdp full formTelugu Desam Party
473TFW tfw full formthat feeling when
474TIL til full formTata International Limited
475TISCO tisco full formTata Iron and Steel Company
476TL tl full formTeam Leader
477TMC tmc full formthousand million cubic feet
478TMI tmi full formToo Much Information
479TOT tot full formTraining of Trainers
480TRF trf full formTransfer
481TTYL ttyl full formTalk To You Later
482TVS tvs full formThirukkurungudi Vengaram Sundram
483TY ty full formT :Thank. Y: You
484TYSM tysm full formthank you so much
485UCO BANK uco bank full formUnited Commercial Bank
486UFOufo full form in englishunidentified flying object
487UPAupa government full formUnited Progressive Alliance 
488UPL upl full formUnited Phosphorous
489USFDA usfda full formUnited States Department of Health and Human Services
490UT ut full formunion territories
491UTI BANK uti bank full formUnit Trust of India
492VAS vas full formvalue-added service
493VIBGYOR vibgyor full formViolet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red
494VLE vle full formVirtual Learning Environment
495VM vm full formvirtual machine
496VPP vpp full formValue Payable Post
497VRS vrs full formVoluntary Retirement Scheme
498WBU wbu full formWhat About You
499WDYM wdym full formWhat Do You Mean
500WEF wef full formWith Effect From
S,NoAcronym Searching Keywords Full Form
501WIPRO wipro full formWestern India Products
502WMK wmk full formwatermark 
503WPI wpi full formWholesale Price Index
504WPM wpm full formWords per minute
505WRT wrt full formwith respect to
506WWWwww ka full formWorld Wide Web
507XAMPP xampp full formCross-platform, Apache, MariaDB(Mysql), PHP and Perl
508YOLO yolo full formYou Only Live Once
509YTD ytd full formYear to date
510YUP yup full formYes

Note :

All this Full Form searching keyword are under thi list because when you copied the keywords and paste at Google then results come this FULL FORM results shown.

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